Open Nominations - Next Time We Can Do Better

na-adams08nw1.JPGAnother article, this time by Jane Taber in the Globe and Mail, about Liberal Party "open nominations" and the issues this promise has created, inside and outside of the party.

Over the last year Liberals both new and well-weathered, have been asking the same question, "WTF is going on?"

I was talking with a super-dedicated Liberal last week and the discussion turned to open nominations. She was perplexed why Justin made this commitment and why he stuck to it.

My friend is an long-time Liberal and would vote for the party if Genghis Khan was the candidate in her riding. Still, she wondered aloud why the party and its leadership would throw away the ability to select candidates in strategic ridings. Almost a year later, she referenced Trinity-Spadina, Vaughan-Woodbridge and a few BC ridings where the open process seemed to backfire.

She suggested that next time we could do a lot better by simply stating that, while we want as many open nominations as possible, the leader reserves the right to put the person of their choice in the riding of their choice. I think that is a good idea and would truly be open.

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