Campaign Management - Toronto Municipal Election (2014) - Steven Levitan


Services Provided: Campaign Management  | Technology Services  |  Fundraising  |   Campaign Operations  |  Communications Services  |  Training Services  |  Data Acquisition & Analysis  |  Social Media Management  | Speech Writing & Improvements


A highly successful Canadian film and television producer, Steven Levitan decided in September 2014 to run for the open city councillor set in Toronto's Ward 16. One of the few wards with no incumbent running for office, 15 other candidates had put their names up to run. Steven put in his papers the day before the municipal cutoff, then called Carey Miller.

Starting from zero, both in campaign organization and community recognition, during this short campaign, Steven was able to raise himself past several more well-known and well-funded opponents to finish 6th in the race.Carey Miller, Campaign Manager, has said that with an additional 3-4 weeks, Steven would have won the election.

CampaignPros provided campaign management, data and communications services to Steven from the start of the campaign.

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